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Q I’m interested in saving money on my energy bill. What features should I consider when looking for new windows?

A One of the easiest ways to make sure you have energy efficient windows is to look for the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors, and skylights can help reduce your heating and cooling bills up to 15%. ENERGY STAR qualified window products also provide protection against sun damage to fabrics in your home.

Q What is “Low-E” glass?

A Low E glass is coated with microscopically thin layers of transparent silver in between layer of anti-reflective metal oxide coating to prevent energy transfer through the glass unit. The result is less heat loss in winter and decreased heat gain in the summer. This means your home will be more comfortable year around.

Low-E glass allows visible light to enter a home, while blocking infrared light and more than 84% of the sun’s ultraviolet light. This mean Low E glass also protects carpets, window treatments and fabrics from fading effects of the sun.

Low-E coatings improve the insulating value of a window roughly as much as adding an additional pane of glass does. And combing low-E coatings with low-conductance gas, such as argon, boosts energy efficiency by nearly 100% over clear glass.

Q What’s the difference between Wood, Vinyl, Fiberglass and Aluminum windows? Does it really matter?

A Vinyl Frames
Vinyl is usually the least expensive frame option, though prices vary considerably, depending upon the thickness of the vinyl and how the window is assembled. Vinyl frames require very little maintenance and are very energy efficient; especially when foam is added inside the frame.

It is very similar to Vinyl, but gives the added advantage that you can paint it if you desire.

Aluminum Frames
Frames made of aluminum are poor insulators and prone to condensation problems.

Wood Frames
Wood frames are good insulators; most people choose aluminum or vinyl clad exteriors to make them a low maintenance product that lasts for years.

Q Why are some windows filled with gas?

A The air between two panes slows the transfer of heat. Filling the air space with an inert gas — argon— improves a window’s performance by further slowing the rate at which heat is transferred from one pane to the other. Argon gas is an odorless, invisible and non-toxic gas with a thermal conductivity that is 30% less than air.

Q Why should I choose Alexancer Company over another window and door reseller?

A Lots of reasons! Here are just a few:
Over 40 years in business.

Alexander Company uses only their own professionally trained employees in order to maintain the highest quality. We don’t use subcontractors.

We are licensed by the State of California, and bonded and insured – (for your protection and peace of mind).

We will gladly provide references in your area.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. As a family owned business we believe the best business strategy is a satisfied customer.

We don’t use pricing gimmicks to sell windows. We provide easy to understand prices, which includes; tax, screens, installation, hauling away old windows and all debris and additional security locks on patio doors.

Q Do I have to replace my window frames to install new windows?

A In many cases you don’t have to replace your window frames when you have new windows installed. This reduce your costs significantly. Contact our sales team for more information.

Q Does Alexander deliver to job sites?

A Yes. Alexander will deliver windows to a job site. Call us to arrange for delivery.